Civil Engineering Services

We employ a talented group of planners, civil engineers, drafters and office support capable of providing a wide range of services. Our customers include many different groups, such as land developers, governmental agencies, utilities, school districts and property owners throughout the Puget Sound Area. 

Hilltop Station

Located between Lawton and Damson roads in Snohomish County, WA. Insight Engineering was contracted to complete a rezone with lot size averaging and outfall design for this 12.4 acre site. The project consisted of 58 new single family detached homes. A basin analysis, drainage plan and water quality treatment design were executed as part of the master plan design.

Debra Ann Lane

Insight Engineering provided a complete range of planning and engineering services to Critchlow Homes for the site design and development of this project roadway layout and frontage design, detailed drainage studies with complete grading and drainage plans, stormwater treatment and detention facility design and all utility layout including water system design and analysis were executed for this 7 acre, 33 unit single family residential development. Construction management services provided included all agency coordination and permit acquisition.

Ivars Processing Plant

Ivars Seafoods worked with Insight Engineering for the master plan design of their new processing plant located in Mukilteo. Insight Engineering completed a full grading and drainage design following a detailed drainage study, all water and sewer utility layout and the design of the stormwater treatment detention facilities. Temporary erosion control plans were created for the construction period.


This 9 acre, 51 unit subdivision is located south of Silverlake in Snohomish County. Insight Engineering has carried out a full range of services for the planning and design of this single and multi-family residential neighborhood. Roadway and frontage design, a complete water system analysis resulting in water and sewer utility design, detailed drainage studies with complete site grading and drainage plans, and stormwater treatment and detention facility design were completed for this project. Agency coordination and permit acquisition for Washington HPA and DOE was successfully accomplished by Insight Engineering staff.